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Highlighting distinctive dishes that incorporate house made sauces as well as the generous usage of vibrant aromatic herbs, the menu at Molé provides an exquisitely accurate experience of the flavor profiles and textures found at the core of the most celebrated kitchens in Mexico. At the same time, the kitchen at Molé continually looks to enrich a portion of its menu by involving diverse, rotating flavor profiles and spices from around the world.

The abundance of fresh ingredients used in the Molé menu offers its patrons the opportunity to further indulge in the sensory experience of Oaxacan culture throughout their visit. Upon walking through the doors, guests encounter the aromas of fresh tortillas and Molé sauces being made. Molé also features a wide assortment of Oaxacan Mezcals and craft cocktails to complement the dishes. 

The atmosphere within the restaurant integrates elements of historic, Mexican culture along with the use of contemporary finishes and materials resulting in an overall dining experience both modern and timeless.

Co-owner and Head Chef, Fredy Martinez, spearheaded the development of the menu at Mole with a commitment to honoring his vibrant heritage and the dishes he grew up enjoying. Born in Oaxaca and spending over 20 years there learning the details of generations-old recipes, Fredy has been intertwined with the culinary development of his local community for decades.

After moving from Oaxaca to the United States, Chef Martinez has had the privilege of working as head chef for 5 different local restaurants here in Spokane as well as several years working in kitchens in Arizona and Minnesota. 

These decades of commitment to advancing his culinary expertise have provided Chef Martinez with the skill set and knowledge of countless cooking techniques from around the world. This diverse knowledge of global dishes, compounded with his earlier years mastering the kitchens of Oaxaca’s best restaurants, now provide him with the opportunity to proudly offer his own interpretations and transformations of his most beloved dishes from his home. 


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